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We aim to meet the needs of all children through a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum that encourages academic success. We also provide opportunities for children to experience a sense of achievement through sport and the creative arts which is central to the school’s successful philosophy of developing children’s self-esteem. The school’s curriculum statement can be read here:


During their time at Elmwood Juniors, children will be taught a range of cross-curricular lessons. Topics of study include: The Ancient Egyptians, The Romans, The Tudors, Life in Britain in the 20th Century, location study of UK and Europe, North and South America as well as physical elements of geography: volcanoes, earthquakes, rivers, biomes and many more. In addition to cross curricular lessons, history and geography are explicitly taught for one and half terms in a year to ensure children are fully immersed with a topic, as well as critical thinking opportunities throughout the school year to practise their skills with our Discovery Books and themed weeks to further inspire children. More specific details can be found in the Curriculum Map (below) which your child will bring home at the beginning of each term.

Teaching methods used will vary according to the type of activity or the aims of each particular session. Children are taught as whole classes, in small groups and as individuals. As children learn differently, we aim to provide a variety of learning environments which will enable each child to realise their potential.

ICT is embedded across all areas of the curriculum. We have interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, a set of Apple iPads for each year group and Google Chromebooks in every classroom to aid pupils’ learning experiences.

By the end of their time at Elmwood Junior School, children become confident, responsible, independent learners, ready for their transition to secondary school.

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