Admission Procedure

As a community school, Elmwood Juniors follows the admissions arrangements as set out by Croydon Council. To apply for a place at our school you are required to fill in an application form. This can be done electronically via the Croydon Council website which details everything you need to know about applying for a place at our school. Please be aware that application forms should not be returned to the school.

If you are unhappy with the allocation you have been given, then please read the Croydon School’s Admission Appeals page on their website.


In-Year Admissions

We currently have a few places free in some year groups. If you wish to move your child(ren) to our school please visit the website which details the in-year procedure here:
Primary school in-year admissions: step by step | Croydon Council

Year 2 to Year 3 Transfer

Please also be aware that Infant to Junior school transfer is no-longer automatic. You need to apply for a place for your Year 2 child to attend Year 3 at Elmwood Junior School. There is further information on this on the Croydon Council Website. Application forms can be filled in online. The deadline for applications is 15th January 2023