At Elmwood, we believe that high-quality teaching and learning within Science allows children to understand, and feel connected to, the world around them.

We aim to:

  • Create ‘little scientists’ who question the world and have the knowledge and skills to work scientifically to test these questions.
  • Deliver a progressive science curriculum that broadens and deepens our pupil’s scientific knowledge.
  • Deliver lessons embedded within scientific enquiry, including making observations, identifying patterns and carrying out controlled investigations.
  • Provide challenging and inspiring learning experiences that build on children’s curiosity and excite them about the natural world. 
  • Develop and secure children’s scientific vocabulary.


Our Science lessons:

  • Are progressive and carefully sequenced which ensures that children attain a secure understanding of each concept.
  • Revisit and build upon prior knowledge.
  • Focus on the features of scientific enquiry.
  • Are ‘hands-on’ where possible so that children have regular opportunities to develop these features of enquiry and continue to develop their sense of wonder. 
  • Are adapted in order to challenge a range of needs. 
  • Develop the children’s scientific vocabulary.
  • Involve ongoing assessment where teachers make judgements about the development of children’s scientific knowledge and skills.

Each class has their own ‘discovery book’, which is completed weekly. This focuses on a scientific discovery or line of enquiry from the news and allows children to develop their understanding of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science.  Our provision also includes events such as STEM week, workshops in school, trips and use of the school garden.


Our children will:

  • Have a secure knowledge of the natural world.
  • Be confident in using scientific enquiry skills.
  • Have been immersed in meaningful and memorable learning experiences.
  • Have rich scientific vocabulary and be able to articulate their understanding more confidently as a result.