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At Elmwood, we encourage a love of music across the school. We believe that everyone has the right to learn music and that in doing so, will result in an increased self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. 

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all pupils will:

• experience high-quality live and recorded music 

• listen to and appraise a wide range of composers and compositions from around the world

• sing and use their voices with confidence 

• explore and play a variety of instruments 

• have the skills, knowledge and opportunity to compose and perform their own music • build on prior knowledge and are ready for the next stage of their education


Music is implemented through a broad and balanced curriculum, supported by the Kapow music scheme. Kapow planning provides teachers with the key tools to drive children’s development in music; each year group builds on the learning from prior year groups ensuring a depth of understanding and progression of skills.  

The individual strands (below), are combined to create an engaging and enriching learning experience.

•          Performing

•          Listening

•          Composing

•          The history of music

•          The inter-related dimensions of music

At Elmwood it is expected that teachers in years 3, 5, and 6 are responsible for the learning of music in their classes. Lessons, taught fortnightly, are hands on and musical and children are encouraged to bring in their own instruments to play whenever possible.

Children in Year 4 benefit from the Sound Start programme, delivered by Music specialists from Croydon Music and Arts. This year long programme gives pupils the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, play as part of a large group, and perform in a concert.

Alongside Music lessons, exposure to composers is enhanced through ‘Music of the week,’ where pupils listen to and appraise a different style of music each week. This allows pupils to listen to and be critical about the music they listen to already as well as new pieces, both from around the world and the local community. Peripatetic music lessons are available to pupils across the school and senior choir is offered to those in upper school; performances throughout the year are both welcomed and encouraged.  Children with a greater interest and ability in Music will be given opportunities to develop their skills further such as performances in assembly, Senior Choir and visits outside of school.


The music curriculum at Elmwood is successful in ensuring that the pupils access the tools and resources designed to strengthen and develop their skills, knowledge and creativity. All pupils are confident in performance, composition and listening.

Pupils grow in confidence through the opportunities to perform both their own compositions and the works of others, resulting in a number of pupils wanting to explore their musical abilities further. 

By the time pupils leave Elmwood, they will have explored and played a variety of instruments, be able to sing confidently as part of a group, have the knowledge and skills to read and play from letter notation and be able to critique different styles of music using musical vocabulary. 

We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods: 

•          Staff feedback (teacher voice)

•          Pupil feedback (Pupil voice)

•          Pupil self-assessment 

•          Video, photo, and voice recording evidence of the pupils’ 

•          Learning walks 

•          Assessment data