At Elmwood, we believe that high-quality teaching and learning within Geography allows children to develop an understanding of their place in the world both locally and internationally.

We aim to:

•             Create Geographers who understand the broadness and importance of Geography as a subject, and how Geographical skills can be useful in their every-day lives.

•             Deliver a progressive Geography curriculum that broadens and deepens our pupil’s scientific knowledge and shows clear sequence from local to more international issues.

•             Deliver lessons embedded with debate and critical thinking that allow children to discuss their ideas.

•             Provide challenging and inspiring learning experiences that build on children’s curiosity about the word around them. 

•             Develop and secure children’s Geographical vocabulary.


Our Geography lessons:

•             Are progressive and clearly sequenced, first building an understanding of the children’s local area and then exploring wider into more international learning.

•             Revisit and build upon prior knowledge.

•             Include opportunities for inquiry and fieldwork, as well as opportunities for developing skills of data collection and map-reading. 

•             Are adapted in order to challenge a range of needs. 

•             Develop the children’s Geographical vocabulary.

•             Involve ongoing assessment where teachers make judgements about the development of children’s Geographical knowledge and skills.

Each class has their own ‘discovery book’, which is completed weekly. This focuses on a Geographical discovery or line of enquiry from the news and allows children to develop their understanding of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science.  Our provision also includes Geography/History week allowing children to link Geographical knowledge with their History learning. Children also complete environmental assemblies which allow opportunity for debate and critical understanding as well as relating Geography learning to children’s understanding of environmental issues.


Our children will:

•             Have a secure knowledge of Geography.

•             Be confident in discussing Geographical issues.

•             Have been immersed in meaningful and memorable learning experiences with opportunities for developing Geographical skills and completing relevant fieldwork.

•             Have rich Geographical vocabulary and be able to articulate their understanding more confidently as a result.