Girl’s Football Update

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Cup Matches

Elmwood 6 vs 2 Atwood
Elmwood 11 vs 0 St Josephs
Elmwood 1 vs 0 Park Hill
Elmwood 3 vs 2 Gresham Primary

Our team of 14 girls have shown tremendous resilience and sportsmanship during this exciting and ongoing league and cup fixture. So far, we are yet to lose a league or a cup match which is credited to the girls’ hard work that they put into training every week and the excellent relationship they have with each other. Gresham Primary noted that our girls were ‘competitive, but also polite and friendly, showing kindness and offering apologies to Gresham players when they were knocked over’. After the semi-final win, our girls shook hands with their opponents and gave them three cheers, a fantastic game between two competitive and fair teams. Our next game will be the in the final for the Croydon Cup, go Elmwood!

Spectator Report

Our striker scored the first and a very important goal for Elmwood and got the whole crowd cheering! Many children, parents and staff flooded the playground with banners and smiles on their faces. Unfortunately, Gresham scored in a matter of minutes and it was 1-1! There was a foul in the Elmwood box and the referee pointed out the spot…GOAL! 2-1!
Half time
​The second half quickly began with a corner to Elmwood… GOAL! The score was equal and anxiety was high. The crowd continued to cheer and the coaches gave important instructions to the Elmwood players. Then finally, with a couple of minutes to spare, our striker scored a sublime header in the Gresham net and the score was 3-2!The whistle blew and the game was over! What a comeback from Elmwood as they go into the finals! Let’s go Elmwood!
-Umair (5W)