Elmwood Juniors – Garden Blog

  • Improving our environment for the future
    To mark the recent Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II, Elmwood Juniors signed up to an initiative run by The Woodland Trust to plant more trees on our school grounds and in our community. The trees have now been delivered and the children have been hard at work planting them. This is a great opportunity for … Read more
  • Healthy Harvest
    The children’s hard work over the spring term has started to reap the rewards with our current harvest of fruit and vegetables. Our garden continues to provide the school kitchen with healthy produce which are added to the school dinners and salad bar.
  • Succulent Strawberries
    It’s harvest time in the Elmwood garden and our children have been enjoying a side dish in their fruit salads at lunch.
  • The Queen’s Jubilee Flower Display
    Please come and visit our flower display for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee which the children helped design, plant and maintain. It is located on the lawn area by the main school gate.
  • Maths in Gardening?
    Mr Ozgu never misses an opportunity to discuss maths. Here he has organised the pots into four rows of six and asked the children to think mathematically and share what they could see. This week’s gardening group had a tour of our current crop and planted lots of sunflower seeds which you will hopefully see … Read more
  • Summer Flowers
    The children are busy unpacking our summer flowers. Some of these will be used in our pots outside the school and some will be used to create a display of red, white and blue flowers to commemorate the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Mint Delivery
    Although we are yet to plant our spring crop, the mint that the children planted in STEM Week 2021 is in full flow so we made sure we delivered lots to the kitchen for our school lunches.
  • Winter Crop Update
    The children have been busy measuring our winter garlic, onion and broccoli plants. Unfortunately, some of our onion bulbs became an evening snack for some local wildlife but our garlic and broccoli crop are doing well and should provide us lots of healthy produce to give to the school kitchen later in the spring.
  • Reusable Water
    Mr Ozgu is explaining to the children the benefits of using rain water to water our plants. Harvested rainwater is much better for plants, lawns, flowers, fruit and vegetables than tap water. Rainwater is packed with wholesome nutrients, unlike tap water which is often treated with chemicals and chlorine. Plants and vegetables also flourish more … Read more
  • The Importance of Spacing
    Mr Ozgu discusses the importance of the correct spacing when planting vegetables. The children used a ruler to ensure they kept the right gap between each onion and garlic clove. The onions needed 13cm and the garlic needed 10cm.