We care for them as much as you do

At Elmwood Junior School we provide a secure learning environment; setting the foundations for our pupils to live happy and healthy lives. We believe that education is a right and has the potential to transform the lives of our pupils, giving them the skills and values to become outstanding citizens. We aim to meet the needs of all children through an exciting and inspiring curriculum which strives for not only academic success but also provides opportunities for children to experience a sense of achievement through sport and the creative arts. Our pupils are valued, supported and given a voice. All interactions between staff, parents, carers and pupils is based upon mutual respect and fairness.

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There is lots and lots going on at Elmwood Junior School all the time.
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Check out what is happening with our school sports teams!
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School Council

School Council

At Elmwood Junior School we value the importance of pupil voice.
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School Council

Our School

Elmwood Junior School can boast a wide range of awards and accreditations which the staff work enthusiastically towards.

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Our Clubs

From Art and Craft to Athletics, from Cookery to Choir…. At Elmwood we are able to offer a diverse range of extra-curricular activities.

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