Gifted & Talented

Introducing our Martial Arts Champions! 

Elmwood Junior School are very proud to have two martial arts champions among us, and they are from the same family!

Kwannon-Mali Smith-Warunge (Year 4) and Khemmet Smith-Warunge (Year 6) have competed in and won national and international competitions and boast a number of medals from their victories. 


  • 2017 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Junior European Champion
  • Jiu Jitsu English Open Champion
  • Taekwondo InterClub Champion
  • London Warriors Cup Champion




  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Junior European Champion
  • Taekwondo InterClub Champion
  • Bronze medal in the British Taekwondo National Championships 2017 



Interview with Khemmet Smith-Warunge


Khemmet, how long have you been training in Martial Arts?

2 years

Where do you train?

Thornton Heath Leisure Centre

Why did you start?

My Mum saw people from the Centre with the Taekwondo uniform, my sister Kwonnon-Mali started it first and I joined after.

Why do you love Taekwondo?

I love the fighting and sparring, it lets me release my energy and I learn many skills like defending yourself and being a good person.

Why were you in Manchester this year?

I went to compete in an international competition. I won bronze in my category and I was really proud of myself.

What do you want to achieve in Martial Arts?

I want to become a black belt and become a teacher in Taekwondo.




Gifted and Talented Workshop Four Year 6 students take part in circuit training at Harris Crystal Palace

Thursday 19th October 2017


As part of Croydon School Sports Partnership’s gifted and talented programme, four lucky Year 6 children went to Harris Crystal Palace for the afternoon and took part in a workshop and circuit training. Taliah, Chante, Cayden and David took part in a number of challenges designed to test their teamwork skills as well as testing their own strength and endurance.