OverDrive Digital Library

Overdrive - Our School's Digital Library

Our school library is closed over the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow and enjoy books! We have a digital library, powered by Overdrive, offering over 300 titles, including library favourites, graphic novels and audio books to listen too!

We are running a summer reading challenge for pupils in Years 4-6 (School Year 2018-19). Those with the highest number of books read across the summer will receive a prize at the start of the 2018-19 school year!

What is Overdrive?

Overdrive is a Digital Library. The school subscribes to OverDrive as part of our library to allow pupils and staff the opportunity to borrow books digitally whilst not physically at school. Books can be read online via computers, tablets or via dedicated apps for mobile devices. 

Books can be borrowed for up to 14 days when they are automatically returned. You can also return a book you have read by clicking on Account and returning the book manually. 

How do I access?

There are a many different ways to access OverDrive. You can access our digital library from any Internet connected device by visiting https://elmwooduk.libraryreserve.com

You can also download the OverDrive app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions on your device to access our school library. See https://app.overdrive.com/ for more information.
Please note that not all books are available via the app. 

To login to tour digital library you will need your login information which has been supplied by your class teacher. 

Books Available 

We have carefully selected a wide range of books from school favourite authors; Books from Jacqueline Wilson, Roald Dahl, R.L. Stine, Derek Landy and Anthony Horowitz.