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Painshill Park: Year 6

Year 6 recently enjoyed an action packed visit to Painshill Park in Surrey. Despite the unfortunate weather everyone enjoyed the opportunity to ‘Fix the Waterwheel’ and follow the ‘Georienteering Trail’.


iRock Band

A new term and another new activity for Elmwood pupils. Children participating in the new iRock band sessions recently had their first rehearsal. As you can see, signing up for iRock (a paid service) means you can get your hands on an instrument of your choice and learn to play alongside your classmates! If you are interested in joining iRock you can ask at the school office for details.




Autumn Produce

Welcome back! As the new term gets under way it is time to harvest the vegetables that have grown over the Summer in our garden area. All of the produce will be added to our ‘Salad Bar’ at dinner time.

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