There are several ways to log into Mathletics. Please follow these instructions if you are having problems accessing Mathletics from home or on a mobile device.

Via .306 username
All members of the school have been issued with a .306 username. For pupils this takes the form of the first four letters of their surname, the first initial of their legal firstname and then a number. For example smitj004.306
Remember that after the initial it is a number, so any 0 are the number zero not the letter O. For this username to work you must login via a special website link – visiting the mathletics site directly and logging in sadly doesn’t work. This method also doesn’t work with mobile devices.

Via standard username
In addition pupils might have been given a standard username. This usually takes the form of their initials and a number, for example NA-381323
For this username you can login directly on the main Mathletics website 

This username and password combination also works for the Mathletics mobile device apps which are freely available to download from the Apple App Store, Google Play and other major app stores. 

If there are any problems please speak to your class teacher.